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Posted Date : 2014 October 01

  • The 'great mystery' of Browns' Manziel pick (Yahoo Sports)

    Johnny Manziel

    Cleveland overhauled its front office in 2014, and in the months between the house cleaning and the draft, Manziel went from being off the board to first-round pick.


  • The joy of victory, the agony of Steve Kerr (Yahoo Sports)

    Steve Kerr (AP)

    Golden State's coach isn't sure if he'll return in the playoffs. Some close to him see the pain on his face and wonder if he'll walk away for good.


  • Draft hopeful's dad killed in accidental shooting (Yahoo Sports)

    Travis Rudolph

    A freak accident led to the death of Darryl Rudolph, whose son is expected to be selected in the NFL draft later this week.


  • Marbury and CBA team at odds over his future (Yahoo Sports)

    Stephon Marbury

    The former NBA star is parting ways with the Beijing Ducks after winning three CBA championships and a league MVP award in six seasons.


  • Messi of old, not old Messi, stars in El Clasico (Yahoo Sports)

    Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi reminded rival Real Madrid and its supporters of the danger of his greatness in a dramatic 3-2 victory by Barcelona.


  • Rockets bench LOLs at Roberson's free throws (Yahoo Sports)

    Andre Roberson

    Houston kept intentionally fouling Andre Roberson, a 42 percent free throw shooter, and he became a laughing stock in the Thunder's loss.


  • Watch live: Twins vs. Rangers (Yahoo Sports)
    Minnesota rolls into Texas looking to snap out of a funk that's seen the Twins lose seven of their last nine games. More

  • None-and-done? UK's Diallo enters draft (Yahoo Sports)

    Kentucky player may become first 'none-and-done'. (AP)

    Hamidou Diallo enrolled at the start of the spring semester, but after playing zero games for the Wildcats he is eyeing the NBA.


  • Maybe, just maybe, this is the Caps' year (Yahoo Sports)


    Marcus Johansson has experienced the embarrassment of the Capitals’ playoff losses, and he made sure a first-round upset this year wasn't one of them.


  • George should be careful what he wishes for (Yahoo Sports)

    Paul George (Getty)

    After a first-round sweep by the Cavs, Pacers star Paul George may be fantasizing about a homecoming with the Lakers. That could be a big mistake.